Transform your
life and your body
Transform your
life and your body

G&M Healthcare brings you Alevere, the revolutionary medical treatment that will easily help you achieve your desired weight loss at a healthy and consistent rate. G&M Healthcare will oversee your Alevere ultrasound treatments that break down fat cells under the skin, connective tissue treatments that help firm and tighten the skin, and will support you to follow the remarkable medically supervised Alevere diet therapy!

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Alevere is a highly effective medically supervised weight loss programme,
which enables you to predictably and quickly achieve your ideal weight,
whilst re-shaping and contouring your body without surgery.


Alevere Therapy® specialises in the treatment of overweight patients. Alevere Therapy has been developed with detailed attention to optimising the body’s chemistry for rapid, effective and continuous breakdown of stored body fat whilst preventing suppression of the body’s metabolic rate.



The programme combines 4 essential elements that work together to deliver safe, effective and lasting weight loss.

Click below to see what each element involves:

  • Alevere Nutritional Therapy
    Alevere Nutritional Therapy consists of high protein meals uniquely formulated to produce rapid weight loss. The patient’s nutritional plan is accurately monitored throughout the programme ensuring blood sugar levels are stable at all times. The metabolic rate is kept high during this treatment and is not suppressed which often occurs with other means of weight loss.
  • Alevere Ultrasound Therapy
    Alevere Ultrasound Therapy treatments are given weekly which break down fat stores under the skin. Ultrasound frequencies are specifically tuned for the treatment of subcutaneous fat cells which are broken down and used by the body as energy.
  • Alevere Skin & Connective Tissue
    Alevere Skin & Connective Tissue Therapy is carried out weekly using specialised equipment designed to firm and tighten the skin. The skin is vigorously but painlessly stimulated with precise and specific techniques that encourage cells in the skin (fibroblast cells) to rapidly produce new collagen and elastic fibres. The treatment also aids lymphatic drainage and smoothes the appearance of uneven skin. Contouring is an important element of this therapy which is often ignored as a consequence of losing weight.
  • Stabilisation and Maintenance
    Arguably the most important phase of Alevere Therapy is the ongoing stabilisation and maintenance. On reaching your target, we will stabilise your weight at its new level and, with the assistance of accurate measurements of your body’s metabolism, guide you through long term maintenance with personal monthly follow-up appointments.


The results of this treatment far exceed those obtainable with surgery or traditional methods of dieting. The programme will deliver safe predictable weight loss as well as re-shaping and contouring your body, improving the firmness and tightness of the skin, all without surgery.

I still can't believe that I have achieved what I wanted so quickly, I now feel full of energy and I am a lot more confident. If I had one regret it would be that I did not start the Alevere programme sooner!

Alevere has shown me that it can be done and I'm stronger than I know. For the first time in my life I walk down the street with my head held high. I also had a very special reason for wanting to lose weight, I was advised that if I lost weight, it would improve my chances of conceiving.

My experience of the Alevere program has been great!  The plan is easy to follow with lots of options, I never felt hungry and enjoyed the quick and good results.  It has definitely helped me to feel healthy again and happy with my shape.


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